Our Services

  1. Electric-Slickline Intervention Solutions (Plug setting, Tubing Punch, Tubing Cut, Zonal Isolation and Perforation Services)
  2. Electric Line Intervention Services
  3. Memory Logging Services (BHP, PLT, CBL etc.)
  4. Water Shut-off and Zonal Isolation Services
  5. Slickline Intervention Services
  6. Wellhead Maintenance Services
  7. Well Intervention Project Management
  8. Surface Well Testing
  9. Drill Stem Testing
  10. Tubing Conveyed Perforation
  11. Provision of Marine Support for Swamp Operations
  12. Specialist Wireline Services
    • Setting of Retrievable and Permanent Through Tubing Plugs, Packers and Patches in memory mode using explosive and non-explosive setting tools.
    • Setting of Retrievable Poor Boy Gas Lift Systems.
    •   Setting of Profileless/Nippleless Subsurface Safety Valves