Increase Well Production or Injection

The productivity or injectivity of oilfield wells decrease with time due to a number of reasons including water encroachment, increased skin, low reservoir pressure, etc. Depending on the scenario, we can deploy various intervention solutions to increase the productivity or injectivity of your well.

Through Tubing Perforation Solutions

There are a variety of Through Tubing Perforating technologies that can deployed to either increase the already existing perforation interval or to create new perforations. These technologies can be deployed to perforate inside tubing, out of the tubing, in a dual-tubing completion or even in a gravel-pack completion.

Poor Boy Gas Lift Solutions

Poor Boy Gas Lift Systems can be installed in a tubing where there was no previous design for Gas Lift. It doesn’t need a profile to be set. It can also be designed for applications when it is desirable to deepen the Gas Lift injection point without pulling the production tubing, allowing for Gas Lift repair or installation using coil tubing and/or Wireline without the expense of a rig. Live well operations can easily be tolerated, eliminating the need and expense of well killing programs. Each packer can be tested along with all connections of coil tubing as they are run, allowing for removal and replacement prior to attempting to flow the well.

Formation Stimulation Solutions

High Energy Pulses can be applied via Electric Line to stimulation the perforations and formation in order to increase productivity/injectivity

Scale Treatment

High Energy Pulses applied via Electric Line can also be applied to remove scale from the production zone and also from the wellbore.