Improve Well Integrity

As wells grow older, they experience wear from erosion damage from production fluids, scale build-up, intervention and milling tools, corrosion and cracking, etc. These integrity issues may pose serious production and safety challenges and have to be addressed.
The detection and repair of tubing/casing leaks can be done without requiring expensive rig-based workover operations.


Tubing and Casing Integrity Investigation

The detection of a tubing or casing leak can be carried out using the measurements of pressure, temperature, flow and acoustics.

Tubing Integrity Repair

The tubing leak can be repaired using retrievable and permanent though tubing patches. These can be installed via Slickline, E-Line or Coiled Tubing and can withstand a pressure differential of 5000psi.

Flow Control

Tubing retrievable packers can be used to install flow control devices which act as Wireline Retrievable Control valves.